Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil 2L

Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil 2L

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Is Kachi Ghani oil good for health?
Kachi Ghani oil is one of the healthiest oil used in Indian homes for cooking. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties is used as a massage oil and is known to soothe pains and soreness. With Vitamin E, Omega 3 fatty acids, minerals, and antioxidants, it supports your body's health and is a perfect choice.
Is Kachi Ghani oil cold pressed?
Kachi Ghani is the machine in which the seeds are pressed in a wooden Ghani at low temperatures to keep the oil's nutrients intact, also known as the cold-pressed technique.
What are the benefits of Kachi Ghani oil?
Since the Kachi Ghani extraction technique does not involve the addition of chemicals or adulterants, it helps retain the maximum amount of nutrition in the oil. Kachi Ghani oils have purity and wholesome goodness of nature in every drop, thus, giving you the highest oil quality.
What is the difference between Kachi Ghani and Pakki Ghani?
There is not much difference between the Pakki Ghani and Kachi Ghani oil as both the oils are pure. The basic difference lies in its odor. Pakki Ghani is made for people who cannot tolerate the distinct smell and taste of oil extracted from Kachi Ghani.
Is Kachi Ghani oil good for cooking?
Kachi Ghani oil made from the finest seeds ensures the highest quality and nutrients. It supports your digestive system and even improves digestion.